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Amazon’s Top 15 Romances of the Year So Far!

POINT OF NO RETURN made Amazon’s Top 15 Romances of the Year So Far! To celebrate, I’m giving away an advance copy of my next book, IN HIS SHADOW, as soon as the ARCs are available!  All you have to do to enter, is sign up for my newsletter! Subscribe on the right side of this page under the heading... Read More

Love Triangles

Rhett, Scarlett, Ashley. Bridget, Daniel, Mark. Pacey, Joey, Dawson. Katniss, Peeta, Gale. Bella, Jacob, Edward. Buffy, Angel, Spike. Sookie, Bill, Eric. Damon, Elena, Stefan. As a romance reader, love triangles create strong feelings and attachments, which may be why we love them so much. Most everyone can relate to unrequited love: he... Read More

An Open Letter to Readers

***Warning!  Contains Spoilers for POINT OF NO RETURN!***   I have so many wonderful readers who’ve followed Kathleen, Blane, and Kade on this journey and I am ever so grateful to them for loving these characters as much as I do.  I know lots of people, particularly Blane fans, have questions about how I chose to end the... Read More


We didn’t talk about Blane, or the future, or being friends. We talked about ourselves and our past, me more so than Kade, though he did tell me a couple of things from his childhood, like how he’d gotten the scars on his back and the one on his chest. Tears had dripped from my face onto his chest as he talked, his voice quiet in the... Read More


So much for blending in. Blane and Kade stuck out like they’d been dropped from another planet into Smalltown, Middle America. Their planet being one filled with designer clothes, cars that cost six figures, and a surplus of incredibly hot men who accessorized with deadly... Read More


From POINT OF NO RETURN. Coming May, 20, 2014. “You smell like him,” Kade murmured against my skin. I stiffened, my eyes flying open. I tried to step back, but Kade’s fingers bit into my flesh, holding me still. “I don’t care if you go to bed smelling like him, so long as you wake up smelling like... Read More

I <3 Love Triangles

You didn’t think I was done writing love triangles just because The Kathleen Turner Series is coming to a close, did you? ;-)  Coming next summer will be a trilogy published by Grand Central tentatively titled THE BROKEN TRILOGY.  Read more about it here. Read More


It’s #SundaySnippet time!  From POINT OF NO RETURN: “You smell nice,” I breathed. “So do you,” Blane replied, his body moving closer to mine. His tie caught my eye. It dangled between us, the knot slightly loosened at his neck. I reached up, the silk soft between my fingers, and... Read More

Book Signing – Kansas City, April 5th

Will you be in the Kansas City area this weekend?  If so, come by Reader’s World in Lee’s Summit from 1 pm to 4 pm and say hello! 983 NE Rice Road, Lee’s Summit, MO Get... Read More


It’s #SundaySnippet time!  From POINT OF NO RETURN: We were soon on an open country road, and Blane said, “Open her up.” I glanced over. “I can’t do that! What if I get a ticket?” Blane lowered his glasses, peering at me over the tops. His grin was wicked. “I know a great... Read More