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So much for blending in. Blane and Kade stuck out like they’d been dropped from another planet into Smalltown, Middle America. Their planet being one filled with designer clothes, cars that cost six figures, and a surplus of incredibly hot men who accessorized with deadly... Read More


From POINT OF NO RETURN. Coming May, 20, 2014. “You smell like him,” Kade murmured against my skin. I stiffened, my eyes flying open. I tried to step back, but Kade’s fingers bit into my flesh, holding me still. “I don’t care if you go to bed smelling like him, so long as you wake up smelling like... Read More

I <3 Love Triangles

You didn’t think I was done writing love triangles just because The Kathleen Turner Series is coming to a close, did you? ;-)  Coming next summer will be a trilogy published by Grand Central tentatively titled THE BROKEN TRILOGY.  Read more about it here. Read More


It’s #SundaySnippet time!  From POINT OF NO RETURN: “You smell nice,” I breathed. “So do you,” Blane replied, his body moving closer to mine. His tie caught my eye. It dangled between us, the knot slightly loosened at his neck. I reached up, the silk soft between my fingers, and... Read More

Book Signing – Kansas City, April 5th

Will you be in the Kansas City area this weekend?  If so, come by Reader’s World in Lee’s Summit from 1 pm to 4 pm and say hello! 983 NE Rice Road, Lee’s Summit, MO Get... Read More


It’s #SundaySnippet time!  From POINT OF NO RETURN: We were soon on an open country road, and Blane said, “Open her up.” I glanced over. “I can’t do that! What if I get a ticket?” Blane lowered his glasses, peering at me over the tops. His grin was wicked. “I know a great... Read More

After Kathleen, Blane, and Kade…

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what I’ll be writing after POINT OF NO RETURN, and I can finally tell you!  Here’s the “official” announcement of my next series: “Sold! – Tiffany Snow’s IN HIS SHADOW, the first book in her new Shadow trilogy, in which a young bank teller intent... Read More

Turning Point – Senator Keaston

At the end of TURNING POINT, book three in the series, Kathleen and Blane have a falling out after their engagement.  As I’ve promised those readers who follow the series, below is Part One of a “deleted scene” from that falling out, from Blane’s point-of-view. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Blane liked having Kathleen living with him. ... Read More

Turning Point – Blane Rescue

This is a “deleted” scene from the third book in the series – TURNING POINT.  In it, we see Blane Kirk’s point of view as he pursues and rescues her at the end of the book. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The man at Blane Kirk’s feet wasn’t dead yet, but that was just a matter of time. And Blane had made sure it would be... Read More

Turning Point – Blane at the Bar

It was late, but Blane couldn’t sleep.  Last night kept replaying inside his head.  The disastrous dinner with Kathleen. Could he have fucked things up any more? She’d thrown him out and he couldn’t blame her.  He’d been a dick. And now Kade was there.  Staying in her apartment.  He’d been in her bed, unconscious from the... Read More

New Year’s Eve – Blane

Blane Kirk glanced at his watch as he slipped on his coat.  Nearly six.  Damn.  He’d hoped to get out of the office early tonight.  Grabbing his briefcase, he closed and locked his office door before heading for the elevator. Tonight was New Year’s Eve and he’d planned a special evening for himself and Kathleen.  After the... Read More