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  1. After how the Kathleen Turner series ended, I don’t know if I ‘ll be able to handle another. I love the way Tiffany Snow, brings her characters to life, but the disappoitment was too severe. I expect that in a romane the hero usually wins, Blane did not win. After you spend time getting to know these characters, you expect their love to triumph against all odds. I was new to romance novels. I read Dean Koontz, Dan Brown, that type of novel and I was happy with the story line ’till that last book. Kathleen was showing signs of pregnancy before she and Kade were ever together and that makes me wonder if the story line was changed because most of the comments made by readers that they preferred kade to succeed at usurping his brother. Was this the way Tiffany Snow saw the story or did she yieldto whst the public wanted. I hope that is not the case. I love your writing Tiffany, but I think I ‘ll pass on your next series.

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  2. Carmen I get where you are coming from, but I think that Tiffany meant for Kade and Kathleen to be together from the beginning. Blane was always very controlling and he hid a lot of things from Kathleen. I get that he hid things to try to protect her, but that isn’t how a successful relationship works. Blane treated Kathleen like a child where as Kade treated her like a partner. That scene in the first book after Kathleen saved Blane from Tecsol. She needed to go to Chicago to finish things, but instead of listening to her and hearing her, Blane ordered Kade to pick her up and forcefully put her in the car. Kade was the one who saw what she needed and instead of trying to stop her, he did all he could do to help her.

    In book two, once again Blane didn’t treat her like his partner, he treated her like a child or pet. He kept SOOO many things from her and then made her feel like crap for wanting to know things. When Kade found out she was trying to investigate who was after her and Blane he actually listened to her and instead of trying to stop her, he helped her. I still don’t understand what Blane was trying to accomplish by making out with Kandi at that Christmas party, he says he did it to try and take the heat off Kathleen, but I mean seriously if he really cared about her he would have DISCUSSED it with her. Not made her feel like a complete fool in front of his family and friends. That was an unforgivable move. Also, you have got to agree that the gold locket Kade gave Kathleen with the picture of her parents was really sweet

    So anyways, I guess I was a Kade fan from the beginning, but I really think they had the better healthier relationship. I agree though, I did not like the pregnancy.

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  3. I was always for Kade. I believe Blaine loved Kathleen but Kade was more aware of her needs and tried to help her attain them without making decisions for her without even letting her have a say. I was sad about how the book ended with Blaine though. I would have liked a happy ending for him too or at least the hope of a happy ending. It seemed to me that he was always going to love Kathleen and never move past that to find his own happiness. It felt like he was just empty and sad and I think he deserved more.

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  4. My two cents: I honestly believe had the story ended differently, With Kat and Blaine ending together… It would have ruined Kade. He is so broken, and the only possibility he would EVER have in life for happiness is if Kathleen was his. If we are truly honest, we can reference several times throughout the series, where Blaine is the “Hero” in the story, but he was Kade’s Hero first and the most. Blaine would be the only one to be able to sacrifice, his life and happiness for his brother Kade, and still have a full life. If the roles were reversed, Kade would never have that happen. Kathleen would never have been happy not having Kade in her life had she returned to Blaine. And we all know Kade well enough to know he would NOT be in their lives at all had that happened. Blaine however, will always love Kat, and he will always have Kade with them together… He will always have happiness in being a part of their lives, and for not losing neither Kat and especially not losing Kade ever. This was the only solution in order for all of them to remain together.

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  5. For me it was Kat and Kade right from the beginning. He was so conscientious of her needs and took far better care of her than Blane. Kade addressed and resolved her financial concerns, transportation needs, supported and furthered her career choices, rescued her from physical harm repeatedly and met her emotional needs. He did these things purely for love’s sake.
    Blane appeared to be unaware of her needs basically focusing on her safety and sex. Ironically it was his circumstances that continuously placed her in jeopardy (with the exception of Garrett) The uncle, Kandi, Charlotte, James, Frankie, etc were all associated with Blane’s lifestyle.
    Blane made a bevy of poor choices and continued to do so even when brought to his attention. Kandi had not only treated Kat poorly but provided info regarding her to a hit man and yet he continued to have sex with her? Not even when he came back into Kat’s life and professed missing, loving and hope for reconciliation did he stop having sex with Kandi.
    And again even after becoming aware of his Uncle Robert’s attempts at buying Kat off, selling her into slavery, lying about Kade and Kathleen’s affair and attempting to kill Kade he continued to interact with with Robert. His ties with him to the bitter end.set off another attempt to assassinate Kat by discussing Kathleen with Uncle Robert prior to Kade’s return.
    I even have issue with him sleeping with Branna. Like Kandi she was cruel to Kat (Even Kade was knocked a few pegs in my eyes for not stopping Branna’s poor behavior) I always wondered during the course of these books just how many women Blane slept with under the guise of claiming to love Kathleen.
    So why is everyone crying over Blane not getting the girl? Uh? This does not even touch on his not discussing issues with Kat, kissing Kandi at the party or bringing a date to the Drop without telling Kat, keeping her at arms length, bla bla bla….

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  6. Agreed with all the comments about Kade and Kathleen but why is everyone missing the big question – what is Blaine and Branna’s relationship like? I would love to read a story about Blaine and Branna similar to Book 5 where they each take a turn. I think Branna is a better fit for Blaine, she can actually stand up to Blaine and knock him down when he is being controlling.

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    • – loved these books but hate when they come to an end. Loved the plot lines but would hope that there could be more in this series

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