I have t-shirts!!!

So I had these awesome t-shirts made to give away as prizes and swag at RomCon, and I have some left!

The back looks like this:

Whereas the front is one of these:

In case it’s hard to see, they both read “The Dark Duo of Crime & Punishment.”  Then Team Blane’s shirt says “Step Into the Light” whereas Team Kade’s shirt says “Melt Into the Shadows.”

So how to win one of these awesome shirts??  I’m glad you ask, because it’s easy!  In case you hadn’t noticed, the books are set around a holiday.  NO TURNING BACK was Halloween and TURN TO ME was Christmas.  So you know what holiday comes around in the dead of winter, right?  You got it!  Valentine’s Day.

So to have a shot at winning a t-shirt, all you have to do is leave a comment on what would be the perfect Valentine’s Day would be for Kathleen!  I’ll pick a winner on July 14th.

The fine print:  Okay, so the sizes available from which to choose for the winner are M, L, and XL only.  Continental US only.

My good friend Emily was kind enough to model a medium Team Kade t-shirt, so here’s what it looks like on:

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who left ideas for Valentine’s Day!  It has been so hard trying to decide who’s idea I liked the best – so many of them are so sweet and heartfelt!  But it is a contest and I promised a winner – though I am going to cheat a little.

It didn’t seem fair to pick one “Team” to win, so I’m picking three!  A Team Blane, a Team Kade and a Team Both! lol  So, without further ado, the winners are:

  • Team Kade – Stephanie E.!! I LOVED the rolling rink idea, Stephanie!  How fun and unexpected!  With a Brittney Spears twist. 😉
  • Team Blane – Jenny!! I’m a huge Monet fan and the Garden at Giverny is with his mother’s ring was a fabulous idea.  Loved it!
  • Team Both – JZ!! Loved the idea of the note from Kade and the cliffhanger – whom will she choose for Valentine’s Day??

Congrats to all three of you!  I’ll be in touch via email to arrange delivery of your prizes.  And thanks again to everyone for commenting!  I really, really enjoyed reading what you wrote.

Author: Tiffany Snow

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  1. I am so undecided which guys but I do love Blane…so maybe a ring..and they finally get together and kade will find him someone since kat fell in love with Blane . Love Love the books can’t wait till DECEMBER.

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  2. I think she would be happy with Blane doing the traditional flower’s, fancy dinner a fancy gift. But her PERFECT. Valentines day would be a gift so unexpected, one that knows that it has thought behind it. One that shows a deeper care…which Kade can deliver!!!GO TEAM KADE!! 😉

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  3. Blane should take Kathleen on a vacation, maybe to a little cottage put in the woods where he finally confesses how he feels about her 🙂

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  4. Well I really hope her day is spent with Blane!! He should sweep her off to Paris, spoil her and beg her to move in with him!! They belong together!! I can’t wait for Book #3!!!

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  5. How about a “free pass to explore and obvious attraction to his brother”…. I love them both but I think shutting off feelings is a bad thing and can come back to bite ya in the butt!!!!

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  6. Valentine’s that sounds awesome. It would be so romantic for Blane to propose to Kathleen in Paris. Blane should take Kathleen away, and spend quality time with her.
    I would love to see Kandi’s reaction when she finds out.
    I feel the t-shirt didn’t give jus tice to Blane. I picture Blane to be a gorgeous blond god!
    Christian Grey from Fifty Shades has doesn’t even compare to Blane Kirk! Blane Kirk blows him out of the water with his love making with out all the add ons.
    Blane and Kathleen my beloved couple all the way!!
    Can’t wait till December .

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  7. Ok well I like both guys and since most people did her day with Blane, I’m going to go for Kade. But first I think Blane will have to go away for business on vday, so he takes Kat out the night before and wines and dines her and gives some ridiculously expensive jewelery, then he flies away.
    So the next day she wakes up to fresh pot of coffee and breakfast and a little mysterious love poem and a small gift, and a clue that leads her on a day long scavenger hunt. All day long as she goes about her day she finds clues and small gifts and then the gifts get more specific, she finds a package with her Britney costume and then the last gift has a pair of skates in it and an address. She arrives at an empty skating rink where she finds Kade and he tells her to put on her outfit. She does and then comes out to see the rink all lit up and the music is blasting all Britney. They skate and Kade confesses how drawn he was to her when he saw her for the first time she wore that outfit in the bar, and how the kiss they shared brought him to his knees :).¡

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  8. Have Blane jet her off to a surprise vacation – to Maui, Hawaii! In February that would be a great destination to get away from snowy Indy and to just relax in the sun. We just came back from a vacation in Maui and we found out that the best time to visit is Jan-May (they also have whale watching in Feb.). Blane could wine/dine/romance her (of course) and some sort of predicament could have Kade at neighboring island (Kauai, Oahu, etc.) and bring him over to her for some reason. Lots of fun setting it in a tropical location – and you could go research it (write it off on your taxes, too)!

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  9. After all Kathleen and Blane have gone through, Blane should take Kathleen away to a romantic get away. Blane should take Kathleen to Paris or Ireland, and propose on Valentine’s Day.
    Blane Kirk is so hot, and he is obviously in love with beautiful Kathleen. Kathleen is totally in love with Blane, and they need to finally admit it to each other that they love each other.
    I have a problem with the triangle concept specially because it involves two brothers. I have a sister, and if she loved my
    boyfriend or my boyfriend was in love with the two of us, we would have big problems plus it’s unethical .
    I’ve been following The romance between Kathleen and Blane since the first book, and it keeps you wanting more between them. Kathleen is too loyal to stab Blane in the back. I’m dying for Kathleen to be Mrs. Blane Kirk , and rub it in Kandi’s face.

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  10. Btw… @Mattie…. totally agree!! Id take the Kathleen Turner series of Fifty Shades anyday. However i did picturr Blane to look a little more like Channing Tatum hehe…

    Any idea who the pictures on the t shirt are based off of?

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    • Melody, Thank you I agree with you on both points. Channing Tatum he is hot and would make a good hot Blane Kirk .
      Also I thought of Chris Hemsworth or any Blonde God!
      Brad Pitt would of been perfect, but he is too old to be Blane Kirk.

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  11. Great ideas so far! The inspiration for Blane on the shirt is Mark Valley, but lots of people have given me great ideas for version 2.0. Channing Tatum would be great, or Christian Bale.

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  12. I love Mark Valley for Blane. I hadn’t considered him before (and I must confess, I loved “Human Target” and was horribly disappointed it was cancelled!). He is incredibly sexy, looks great in a suit, and at the same time you could see him give a dark look that would rattle you to the core.

    I like the basic concept of Stephanie E’s proposal for Valentine’s Day. Blane strikes me as someone who would tend to go the traditional route, with chocolate, wine, flowers, and jewelry. I could see him asking her to move in but I don’t think she would say yes to that (as she had previously said she wouldn’t because that’s not how it would work for her – not the right type of commitment). And obviously Kade would do the sentimental gift (see Christmas!), but perhaps the scavenger hunt would end with something sexy as well…like a skimpy outfit that would match the peacock high heels he is so found of and a note that simply says, “See you soon.”

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  13. I am team Blane all the way, but I think that a proposal is too soon after what they went through, but he gives her a beautiful piece of jewelry as a promise of truth and togetherness and Kat then accepts his invitiation to move in with him. Kade and Kat realize they have a connection, but it is one based on their abdonment issues and lonliness. Blane and Kade and Kat are able to discuss this and the realtionship intensifies emotionally for Blane and Kat. I do not like the idea of a scavenger hunt as the three are still in the midst of controversy with James and their safety has once again been jeapardized in the story and a scavenger hunt would not seem realistic, although it does sound fun. I want Kade and Branna to get together and be the crime fighting team of the century.

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  14. Ms.Snow thank you for letting us know that was Mark Valley on the t-shirt. He is a good looking guy, but I thought from reading the books that Blane was in his mid 30’s.
    Mark Valley is 48 yrs, and so is Brad Pitt which woul be perfect also, but both are little too old to be Blane.
    I agree with you Channing Tatum would be great too.
    Christian Bale is excellent choice, he oozes sex appeal even though he is not blonde like Blane Kirk is supposed to be in the book. Christian Bale is hot like Blane!
    Thank you Ms.Snow, is always so good to hear suggestions from the author itself 🙂 .

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  15. Blane should profess his love for Kathleen. I think it’s too soon for a ring but I would like for them to sit down and tlk about their issues and true feelings for each other. After seeing Blane’s perspective, they so obviously love each other and need to show it! I agree completely so much better than 50 shades! Blane <3

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  16. Every time Kathleen  is near Blane , he takes her breath away, and she wants to be part of his life. Wants to know what worries him, what he cares about, and what keeps him up at night.  Kathleen was for many years  without a boyfriend  waiting for the right one which is  Blane.
    Blane has always  been in control, but the love he has for Kathleen makes him lose that control, specially if she is danger.  He has never truly been in love with anyone, now tha he has fallen in love for the first time with Kathleen. He doesn’t,t know how to handle his emotion. He has proven how much he loves her time and time again that he would die for her, and his need to protect her.
    On Valentines they both should have an epiphany, and realize that they are in love with each other. Blane should take Kathleen away, and propose to her in Monet’s Garden at Giverny. He should give her his mother’s engagement ring to Kathleen that has lots of sentimental value for Blane. His mother was one of the persons he absolutely loved deeply.
    I don’t think is too soon for a ring is either you connect with the person or you don’t. Blane and Kathleen have great connection.
    I have 2 sets of grand parents. The grand parents on my mother side they knew each other for two weeks, and they are still married 55 years later.  My grand parents on my father side dated for 5 years got married, and 3 years later got divorce . I feel when it feels right go with your gut instincts which is usually right.

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  17. Blane will invite Kat to spend Valentine’s Day with him at a secluded mountain lodge where he is planning to reveal his true feelings (after a lot of thinking and planning ). Not knowing that the neighboring lodge serves as a base for a domestic terrorist group’ they are having great time with Blane teaching Kat how to ski. As Blane finally is ready to propose at the end of their romantic dinner, they find themselves in the middle of the FBI siege operation! And Kade is being the leader of one of the FBI ski teams!

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  18. Kathleen is a very simple kind of girl. I think Blane should think of something that’s more from her world rather than his. He should leave her little notes hidden in her apartment, car,and office saying something sweet in each one. He should convince her that he needs her to stop by his house that night for a good reason not because it’s valentine’s and pretend like the notes are not from him if she asks before he see’s her. Then when she shows up, a rose petal path from the door to the kitchen where he is making her favorite dish. After a bottle of wine, dinner and small talk he says he has a surprise for her and they drive to the river/canal where she see’s a boat waiting and they have desert and hot chocolate outside the boat and it’s lightly snowing. and this is where he completely pours his heart out to her to see how she reacts….is she thinking about kade? maybe kade sneaks back into her apartment after she is done with Blane and when Kathleen goes into her room see’s 1 red rose and a small valentine’s card sitting on her bed. happy vday princess is all it says inside. Leaving her confused.

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  19. It doesn’t matter how you slice it or dice it wanting your brother’s girl is just wrong, and awful thing to do to your own flesh and blood. Now that we addressed the big elephant in the room we can move on.
    It makes sense that Valentine’s falls in the winter; after all, what’s more romantic than escaping the cold and cozing up with a loved one? Blane will tell Kathleen that he has a surprise for her, and blind folds her, and takes her to an awaiting private jet. He carries her to the jet, and takes her blind fold. Kathleen is in shock, and excited. Blane explains that he loves her, and doesn’t want to lose her because with out her his life has no meaning, and she has brought light into his life. He takes her to a sunny secluded beach resort overlooking the Pitons in St. Lucia.
    They have their own private place. He tells her that they will go to dinner, and he walks her to the beach, and is set up with candles lights, dinner for two with a band singing ” At Last”, by Etta James.
    Blane drops to his knee, and proposes telling her that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her until they grow old. He can’t imagine life without her because having her by his side completes him. Before he met her his life was empty. He knows that they are truly meant to be together. She is the only woman for him to please be his wife. Kathleen says “yes”, and Blane puts the ring on her. He tells her that is his mother’s family heirloom , and Kathleen is the only woman that deserves it. Kathleen sheds tears and they kiss. His arms are wrapped around her. He’s pressing her to his chest. Kathleen totally melts, and tells him that this is where she wants to be in his arms. Kathleen tells him that she loves him, and will always be his.
    They kiss with all their heart and soul.

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  20. I think if Blane is going to propose it should be more towards the end of the book. Although its obvious to us, he hasnt even come right out and told Kathleen he loves her yet. But its your book, Ms. Snow and cant wait to see how you end up writing it. 🙂

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  21. A perfect Valentine’s day for Kathleen would be her reconciling with Blane. He would arrange for her to be pampered all day at a spa and then he would take her to a romantic dinner at a nice restaurant. At dinner, he would proclaim his undying love for her. Also, just as importantly, there would be no situation in which her life was in danger and she could just enjoy her quality time with Blane.

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  22. A perfect Valentine’s day for Kathleen would be…Blane spending the night at her apartment, and they could cook a nice dinner together and eat over a candle light in her small living room. Then they should watch a romantic movie and have sex on her couch. Kathleen should wear some red and sexy underneath her clothes. After that, Blane asks her to move in with him and quit her bartending job The Drop. Then Blane tells her he loves her while she’s half asleep on the couch. He carries her in the bed room and spend the night at her place 🙂

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  23. Ok, while in the end I totally want to see Kathleen with Blane, I think Kade deserves a little chance too. Here is my V-Day idea. Blane has arranged for a nice dinner in at his place.He plans on surprising her with cooking himself and a string of little gifts throughout the night that remind him of her. All he tells her is to wait for instructions to come and to keep the day open. He knows how she hates surprises!
    In the meantime Kade is getting frustrated with his inability to kick the Kathleen habit. He knows that if he can give it another opportunity she might just come around to his way of thinking. He types up a note and delivers it to Kathleen’s house in a gift arrangement. The note reads “Flowers for you the lady, Bourbon for you the Irish woman, and some red stilettos for me the hot blooded man. A car will pick you up ay six. Have a drink, wear the shoes, and no arguing!”
    Kade figures there is enough innuendo that she will figure out its him.
    Kathleen is excited with what she thinks is Blane’s message and can’t wait for the evening. She follows the directions and waits for the car to arrive. As she is ushered in the car, she is surprised to see a moonpie sitting in the back seat to tempt her. She suddenly realizes who sent the car just as she hears Blane’s questioning voice behind her. Will she spend the night with Kade or Blane?
    So I guess I cheated and didn’t really answer, but I would like to see Tiffany spin this one for Kathleen!

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  24. I think Blade should ask Kathleen to move in with him and also give her a promise ring. Something to show that he does love her and is done with Kandi.

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  25. Let me start with that Ms. snow has done a good job getting us hooked on the romance between Kathleen and Blane. We want more and we are rooting for Blane and Kathleen.
    After all Kathleen, and Blane have gone through, Blane should take Kathleen away to a warm climate place away from the cold in Indy. They should go for at least two weeks to bond , connect, and admit to each other how much they love each other. While they are enjoying themselves by making love, and opening up to each other how much they love each other it will make their love stronger to stand up to any obstacles that come their way. Blane should propose to Kathleen. Kathleen is old fashion, and the only way she will move in with him is if they are engaged or married. They need to live with each other so they realize what they have is very strong.
    I re-read both books a few times, and the conclusion I came uo with is that Kathleen, and Blane love each other.
    Please Ms. Snow give us more romance and love making between Blane and Kathleen. I felt you gave us more action, and less romance in the second book. Please, Ms. Snow give Blane a chance, I felt that you favored his brother more.

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  26. Hi! I love the Kathleen Turner series so far and can’t wait until book 3. I love both Blane and Kade and feel like I’d be going back and forth in much the same way Kat does. I am so glad that you used Ian Somerhalder on the Kade shirt. The way you described him made it impossible not to picture him (plus, Im a big Vampire Diaries fan and his snarky attitude that I love so much is so very Damon.) For some reason I always pictures Blane like Simon Baker, but think Chris Hemsworth is the perfect match for him. I love Channing Tatum, but he comes across younger and less mature and intelligent than Blane.

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  27. We love Kathleen, she is our main character let’s face it without her their would be no book. Our hearts go out for her, and we want her to have her happily ever after!!!
    From the beginning, she has be in awe by Blane Kirk. Has secretly wanted him from the first time she laid eyes on him, and she finally got him. Blane obviously loves her, and it’s obvious that Kathleen loves Blane.
    As Valentine’s approaches, Blane should take Kathleen away to a romantic get away where he professes his love for her, and opens up about his feelings for her. He opens up about himself, and letting Kathleen in. Kathleen also opens up about her feelings towards him, and about her aspirations. Blane knows that the only way that Kathleen will move in is if he asks her to be his wife. On Valentines Day, He can rent out the restaurant where they first had their first unofficial date which Kathleen says he only bought her soup. Have a romantic dinner, and propose to her. Kathleen then moves with Blane, ant the saga continues .

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  28. I totally agree that Kathleen deserves her “Happily Ever After”!
    Kathleen is our girl, and deserves to get the guy of her dreams which is Blane.
    Blane should take her on a private yacht just the two of them. They can open up to each other about their needs and wants.
    Blane should propose to Kathleen. I think Kathleen is ready, and I don’t think is too soon. Kathleen didn’t mind the idea of being engaged to Blane. When Blane had to tell Martha from the Christmas tree farm that they were engaged so Martha would let stay in the room with Kathleen. Also, Kathleen was excited the of the idea that she was pregnant with Blane’s baby.
    Blane and Kathleen belong together!!!
    I agree with with Elizabeth English. Please Ms. Snow give Blane a chance. Blane practically gave his life for Kathleen.
    I can’t wait for romance in book # 3 from my adoring couple Blane and Kathleen.

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  29. It’s obvious to the characters in the book, and to the readers that Blane and Kathleen are in love with each other, but it seems they are the only one that don’t know it.
    Kathleen told Blane when they first had their unofficial date where she ate just soup that her father taught her “No to trust what people say, but only what they do”. Blane has proven so many times to Kathleen by action more than words that he loves her. Kathleen is very smart so I hope she realizes that Blane loves her.
    For Valentines Day, Kathleen should have romantic dinner at her place, and she wears sexy lingerie for him, and Kathleen should tell Blane that she loves him. I think she is going to have to say it first. Blane seems to have deep issues about being loved. It seems he has never been told they love him, and it seems he has never said it to anyone. Kathleen is the only person that touches Blane’s heart. The romance between Kathleen and Blane it’s so awesome that I cannot wait for the next book.
    I love the t-shirt with Kathleen’s face. She is gorgeous, and Blane is gorgeous. They so deserve each other. Blane and Kathleen my favorite “Hot Couple”!

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  30. I totally LOVE these books and can’t wait until the next one!!! I’m on the Kade team fully… Blane can’t be trusted …HELLO he’s an attorney with political aspirations! LOL He is also too perfect… Very calculating and controlling. These qualities are great in theory however spending your life with a total control freak is no picnic! She should realize there may be a little Christian Gray psychoness hidden in his personality and I don’t mean in the good way;)

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    • Oh my… Got so much into my opinion, I forgot to actually ” do the homework”! Since it’s Indiana, it should be a beautiful snowey valentines day. Blane has a picture perfect dinner ready for her downtown at Oceanaire or Mesh on Mass complete with the violinist and beautiful diamond brooch in a star shape signifying the beautiful star on their first Christmas tree as well as the stars he sees in her eyes. In the middle of dinner, Blane suddenly gets an important phone call concerning a case he is working on that is linked with the mysterious people he owes. He has no choice but to leave Kat (with heavy heart and gracious apologies) and have a limo (filled with bouquets of red roses of course) fetch her when she is finished and deposit her at his house for an enchanted sexually charged night when he returns at 2 am. Yes, he is gone when she awakens the next morning because we all know how important he is and how many important things he has to do… She understands because she knows this as well! As she is having coffee at Starbucks on her way back home, Kade suddenly appears and tells her go home and change into something warm and suitable for hiking…they have something to check out concerning the lead on Ryan’s phone. He fetches her an hour later and they head out of town to Turkey Run State Park. Kade guides her on a beautiful snow covered trail until an hour later they arrive at a beautiful picturesque hilltop with an abandon cabin. Upon closer inspection, a fire is burning in the dilapidated fireplace and a rustic table is set with French bread, a plethora of fruits, cheeses, antipasti, champaign, and hot chicken soup in a thermos. Just the simplistic beauty of the area takes her breath away…

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  31. Ms. Snow I am such a fan of your books they touched my heart, and soul. Let me start by saying I’m in love with Blane and Kathleen, and I’m praying that they end up together. I agree that it’s obvious to us the readers, and to the characters in the book that Kathleen, and Blane love each other. Plus it is time for both to realize it, and take action admitting their love to each other.
    I just see it so morally wrong for Kade and Kathleen to be together, and how can a brother betray his own brother. It also would make Kathleen so trashy. Kade is not perfect either, and who knows how he really he would Treat Kathleen. The grass only looks greener on the other side. Blane has a good heart, and he wants to go into politics to make the world a better place. Kathleen and Blane fell in love with each other, now they need more love, passion, and more sex in their relationship.
    Blane should take Kathleen to a romantic trip to a villa in Italy, and take her to Venice. In Venice, they take a take a ride on gondola, and he asks her to marry him. I love Kathleen and Blane!!!
    Team Blane & Kathleen all the way!!!!!

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  32. Blane seems oblivious to the true needs and wants of Kathleen. I like a combination of idea’s – Blane is gone for Valentine’s day and does his traditional thing the night before or a few days before (kind of reminds me of the Cogsworth line from Beauty and the Beast about chocolates, flowers, promises you don’t intend to keep – but realizes he wants to do something special for her) . Kathleen has so far appeared to work most holidays at The Drop so maybe she is working Valentine’s night? Then I like the idea of her and Kade checking on a lead except not having it a planned night together but a trapped or snowed in night together that leads to a deeper connection and understanding of each other with some frustration. I guess it depends on the city you have them in, too. Then again, I am Team Kade so I would like to see them build upon their relationship and have Kathleen realize in the end (book 5) that Kade is best for her.

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    • With my comment above I would say the perfect Valentine’s Day for Kathleen would be simple and not over thought. Maybe having an intimate dinner of her favorite food prepared at her place.

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  33. Kathleen is too classy to go after her boyfriend’s brother. I can see Kandi doing something like that cause she has no scruples, and no class. The reason we love Kathleen is that she is beautiful inside and ouside, has scruples, loyal, and is very kind. Kathleen fell in love with Blane, and Blane fell in love with Kathleen.
    They have to resolve their issues of opening about their feelings.
    Blane will take her to Niagara Falls where her parents had their honeymoon have a two week romantic rendezvous. They’ll visit the Canadian and American side of Niagara falls. They’ll open about their love, and their needs. He’ll propose, and she says yes. Kathleen and Blane all the way!!!

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  34. Blane tells Kathleen that he has to go on business trip to come with him. Blane surprises her wit a romantic getaway to Santa Barbara, California. He arranges for them to stay in a romantic resort. They enjoy wine tasting, massages for two,and strolling barefoot on the beach at sunset ( Blane’s tells her that the sunset reminds her of the color of her hair). Blane takes her on a hot air balloon , and proposes to Kathleen. She says yes, and they embrace and kiss passionately.
    Blane and Kathleen the hottest couple ever!!!

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  35. Whatever you decide, please have more Blane/ Kathleen sex in the next book. I know all of us fans are in withdrawl :p

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  36. Thankyou for writing compelling stories and the best heroes
    /romantic leading men….I love them both…contrast of day and night….both are incredibly masculine and stunningly handsome!!! I think of Ryan Gosling or Josh Duhamel when I imagine BLANE and for KANE, Matt Bomer (yes he is gay but gorgeous) and Tom Hardy……mmmm…can’t wait for all the other books!

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    • I like Matt Bomer for Blane and Ian Somerhalder for Kade and Hayden Panettiere for Kathleen. Kathleen Defiantly needs to end up with Kade, they are soul mates!!

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  37. I just finished reading both books, and I’m in love with Blane and Kathleen. I hope their romance captivates us again in book #3, #4, and #5.
    Kade and Branna seem perfect for each other.
    Hot Blane and Beautiful Kathleen all the way!!

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