Love Triangles

Rhett, Scarlett, Ashley. Bridget, Daniel, Mark. Pacey, Joey, Dawson. Katniss, Peeta, Gale.

Bella, Jacob, Edward. Buffy, Angel, Spike. Sookie, Bill, Eric. Damon, Elena, Stefan.

As a romance reader, love triangles create strong feelings and attachments, which may be why we love them so much. Most everyone can relate to unrequited love: he loves her but she loves him and he loves somebody else … Tales of fiction allow us, the reader, to fall in love not once, but twice. And not just with the good guy, but with the bad boy, too. Looking back at that list of names, it’s easy to pick out those common characteristics. Maybe it’s a childhood friendship that turns into something more, or a love-hate relationship that begins with hostility and ends with undying devotion. Either way, it’s easy to feel for characters caught up in such emotional upheaval. However, one can only have so much sympathy for a woman like Kathleen Turner — torn between two handsome, successful, extraordinary men who love her and put their lives on the line for her. What woman wouldn’t want to be Kathleen?…

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Author: Tiffany Snow

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