“Most Wanted” Scenes

The other day, I put up a fan poll asking which “deleted” scene readers would most like to see. The choices were:

  1. Where was Blane in NO TURNING BACK the night Sheila was murdered that he got to Kathleen’s so quickly?
  2. In NO TURNING BACK, what did Kade and Blane do when Kathleen escaped from Blane’s house?
  3. Why didn’t Blane answer his phone in TURN TO ME the night Kathleen called to say she’d thrown Kade out?
  4. In NO TURNING BACK, what happened when Blane called Kade in Chicago while he was in the motel room with Kathleen?

The winner was #3.  That scene will go up as a guest post on Just Romantic Suspense tomorrow.

The runner-up was #4.  I decided it would be fun to write that scene, too, so head on over to Cocktails and Books today for my guest post and find out what exactly happened after that phone call…

(This amazing photo is of the drop-dead-gorgeous Ian Somerhalder.  Wouldn’t he make a perfect Kade?)

Author: Tiffany Snow

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  1. Finally someone chooses a real person who actually fits a character . Beautiful picture.

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  2. When reading this book when the description of Kade was given Ian is exactly who I pictured Kade would look like!! So glad someone thinks the same way. Maybe when the movie comes out he will do it 😉 great books!!! Can’t wait to read more!!

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    • I also think Paul Walker would make a good Blane!!

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      • Or, Chris Hemsworth as Blane.

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        • Of course Ian as Kade! And I agree Chris as Blane.

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      • Actually when I think of Blane, I can’t get the picture of Josh Lucas out of my mind. What do you know? He plays a sexy lawyer in the firm. Yum!

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    • Hi Kathleen, I was at the presentation of “Discover the Gift” this past sumemr and was immediately drawn to the peace and serenity that flowed from you. I did a lot of life coaching a while back and life brought me away from it for a time. I am now stepping out into my journey which I know to be my purpose of life coaching again. I am finding my way and asking for god’s guidance each day. I did begin a blog and also am sending a daily “Grateful For” email to all contacts. I also have had a very long struggle with my health and it has created great fear in my both of failure and success. I feel that I need to tell my story and you inspired me to do so. Every time I begin the process I seem to talk myself out of it. I sit here now reading your work with an ache in my heart because I can feel that place of expressing myself and living in the bliss of sharing my words that I am certain will continue to heal me as well as help others to persevere and find their own way as well. So, this blog really touched me. I thank you for sharing. I hope to meet again. Tammy

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  3. I also agree Ian would make an excellent Kade, but I don’t know if he is tall enough.
    Channing Tatum as Blane, and I would love Scarlett johansson as Kathleen.

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