So much for blending in. Blane and Kade stuck out like they’d been dropped from another planet into Smalltown, Middle America. Their planet being one filled with designer clothes, cars that cost six figures, and a surplus of incredibly hot men who accessorized with deadly weapons.



Author: Tiffany Snow

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  1. Not sure if I like these or hate them.

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  2. these are torture for those of us with no patience, but somehow I end up reading them anyway.

    TEAM KADE all the way!!!!!

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  3. I think I´ll literally die if you make her go back to Blane. Team Kade all the way!!!

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    • I know, it feels like I might just crack open and explode if she ends up with Blane! Team Kade!

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      • I mean I totally love Blane but they don`t really fit together. He wants a political career and Kathleen just isn`t groomed to be a political wife and besides Blane didn`t understand her through out their relationship. He listened to what she had to say but didn`t have the confidence to let her do something on her own, always trying to manipulate her in doing what he wanted. And then comes Kade who had even changed his life for her.

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  4. Kade is absolutley amazing and perfect for Kathleen!!!! Cannot wait for May 20th. TEAM KADE 😀

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  5. I’m totally caught up in the love triangle, please let it be KADE after all she is the start of his name KA= Kathleen DE= Dennon can’t wait until May 20th
    Team Kade all the way!!!!!!!!

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  6. TEAM KADE !!! I’m not knocking Blane, but he is MUCH too controlling and he’s a politician (still close to his Uncle) and Princess is not cut out for a political life (just can’t see it) Blane should find himself the perfect political wife.. Maybe even ‘whats her face’ who’s been falling all over him all along. Sorry, I’m OLD and I forgot her name. Any of you can remind me. KADE has already changed soo much since he met his Princess (can’t wait for the Britney concert) I really do want Kade to find his HEA.

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